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Obstetrics Woodhaven, Queens

What we offer with Obstetrics Woodhaven, Queens

Viva Eve is a reinvention of integrated health care experience for women. Our purpose as women’s health experts is to go above and beyond for women, providing them with the answers they seek about their health. We empower them to control their health journey through doctor-led medical advice and technology.

Our outpatient gynecology and obstetrics Woodhaven, Queens office provides full customized care, whether a pressing concern or simply a regular Ob/Gyn check-up. We have a trusted interdisciplinary team of specialists in-house for every age and stage. Viva Eve is a product of listening to women’s needs from health care providers, hence offering personalized care in a serene, friendly environment with a better bedside manner and so much more.

Our Services

  • Obstetrics in Woodhaven, Queens: We offer a personalized approach from pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
  • Gynecology: Our Ob/Gyns team personalizes gynecology care and leaves ample time in your appointment to answer any questions you might have.
  • Fibroids: We specialize in a unique, multidisciplinary approach to Fibroids treatment, including non-surgical, less invasive treatments like UFE.
  • Fertility Planning: Your pregnancy journey should start with a visit to a fertility planning consultation with your Ob/Gyn at Viva Eve.

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Woodhaven, Queens

Viva Eve Woodhaven, Queens comprises a diverse team of top-rated specialists, doctors, and nurses knowledgeable about women’s health. The obstetrics Woodhaven, Queens’ team handles various women’s health issues, including OB, PCOS, fertility, endometriosis, and fibroids treatment.

We have highly trained, board-certified gynecologists, gynecologic surgeons, intervention radiologists, hospitality-trained staff, and empathetic providers. Our team will empower you with unparalleled expertise, care, and compassion throughout your healthcare journey.

Our Approach to Health Care

  • We put the patient first.

Our Viva Eve offices are designed with women’s comfort and emotional well-being in mind. From our friendly front desk staff, empathetic providers to amenities like free WiFi, complimentary beverages, and heated toilets.

  • Personalized approach

Our providers take time to know you, your medical history, your diagnosis as we strive to build a true partnership with you.

  • Multidisciplinary care

We are a full-service destination providing specialized multidisciplinary care for women at every stage and age. We offer integrated care from Ob/Gyns, intervention radiologists, and other specialists without outsourced referrals. For the very best in Obstetrics in Woodhaven, Queens, visit us today or give us a call to book an appointment with the doctor.

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