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Obstetrics Upper East Side, Manhattan

What we offer with Obstetrics Upper East Side, Manhattan

Viva Eve is your trustworthy provider of obstetrics on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We provide preconception counseling and fertility planning in addition to comprehensive after-conception services. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, we will create a personalized prenatal care plan to help you and your developing baby thrive until delivery. 

Our experienced physicians will also help you create an effective labor and delivery plan. That includes answering your questions about umbilical cord banking and other opportunities created by advanced technology. We can help you make critical decisions like who should stay in the room when you give birth and what to pack in your hospital bag. 

Some of our services for obstetrics in Upper East Side, Manhattan, include: 

  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery care 
  • Postpartum care 
  • Obstetrics education 
  • Genetic screening 
  • Umbilical cord banking 
  • Ultrasounds

What about lactation consulting and other services that are commonly requested after a baby is born? Bring those concerns to Viva Eve, and we’ll help you find professionals offering the right services at the right time. 

Upper East Side Obstetrics + OB/GYN for Excellence in Reproductive Care 

Your reproductive needs don’t stop after you bring your baby into the world. You may want to continue with family and fertility planning to ensure future babies are conceived at the most ideal time possible. You will also need routine pap smears and Ob/Gyn examinations. Viva Eve on the Upper East Side of Manhattan can provide all of those services and more. 

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Upper East Side, Manhattan

Our physicians are leading experts in obstetrics for the Upper East Side. Our company culture puts patients first, and we have a history more than 30 years deep. We know that your emotions may run wild when you’re expecting a new baby. You will have a lot of questions and potentially some obstacles to overcome. Our professionals are with you every step of the way. 

If you want the best in obstetrics on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and creating a personalized care plan for your pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience.

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