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Obstetrics Turtle Bay, Manhattan

What we offer with Obstetrics Turtle Bay, Manhattan

If you’re ready for obstetrics in Turtle Bay, Manhattan, congratulations! You’re entering an exciting time of life. You’re expecting a little bundle of joy that will forever change your lifestyle and family dynamics. Whether this is your first baby or fifth, you know that something special is happening for your family. 

The professionals at Viva Eve are excited to play their part in your story. 

We’re committed to making top-quality prenatal care and delivery services accessible to all women throughout NYC and surrounding areas. That’s why we invest in the best equipment and stay on top of advanced technology in the obstetrics field. We want to maximize your comfort while taking excellent care of you and your developing baby.

Some of the services available for obstetrics in Turtle Bay, Manhattan, include: 

  • Genetic screening 
  • Umbilical cord banking 
  • Ultrasound 
  • Prenatal fetal testing 
  • VBAC (birth after cesarean)

We adjust our prenatal care plans to meet the unique needs of every patient. Our physicians are also committed to providing individualized labor and delivery plans because we know that you may have special requests. Whether you’re normal-risk or high-risk, carrying one baby or multiples, we have the expertise, equipment, and compassion to provide consistent care that meets or exceeds expectations.

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Turtle Bay, Manhattan

We’re proud of our status as leading experts in obstetrics in Turtle Bay, Manhattan. Viva Eve has an extensive legacy that goes back more than three decades. We do everything possible to look out for our patients because we know that emotions run high when a baby is in the womb.

Every member of our team is highly trained and experienced in a variety of obstetric practices. We maintain a warm, peaceful office setting that encourages relaxation. If you have questions, we have answers. If you need resources, we will help you in every way possible. Your labor and delivery experience is a part of our developing legacy. 

Contact us today for reliable obstetrics in Turtle Bay Manhattan. Viva eve welcomes you into the family.

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