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Obstetrics Murray Hill, Manhattan

What we offer with Obstetrics Murray Hill, Manhattan

Choosing the right obstetrician is a step toward ensuring your health and your baby’s health are well taken care of. At Viva Eve’s facility for obstetrics in Murray Hill, Manhattan, we offer specialized care for women, ensuring that our experts walk with you every step of the way.

We recognize that no pregnancy or delivery is the same, and each woman requires special care.

One of our core values is that our patients play an active role in their care and become an active member of the maternity care team. This helps your Viva Eve birth team know what’s important to you. They also assist you in making decisions that are right for you and your baby.

Some of the services our obstetrics center in Murray Hill, Manhattan offers include:

Fetal Genetic Testing

Fetal Genetic Testing is a type of prenatal testing that focuses on the fetus. It can determine if your fetus has genetic abnormalities or mutations. Procedures like prenatal or carries screenings can help in anticipating any potential defects. Yet, fetal genetic testing is the surest way to receive a complete diagnosis.

Labor and Delivery

Our facility for obstetrics in Murray Hill, Manhattan will closely monitor your baby during labor. This is to see how your baby is handling contractions and ensure that the baby is okay.

We will also work with you when choosing your options for pain management or natural birth. This helps ensure that the option you choose will not affect your baby or cause complications.

Laboratory and Ultrasound Evaluations

Laboratory and ultrasound checks are vital for monitoring the progression and development of your pregnancy. They include screening and diagnostic tests that detect health problems and maternal conditions that often lead to complications.

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Murray Hill, Manhattan

With over 30 years of history serving women in the NYC area, we understand what it means to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Our staff also wants you and your baby to have expert medical care before, during, and after you bring your baby into the world.

That’s why our team consists of the best maternal-fetal experts in New York City.

Viva Eve center for obstetrics in Murray Hill, Manhattan commits to helping you navigate through every stage of your pregnancy, especially during childbirth and delivery. At Viva Eve, women can have the birth experience they envisioned.

Contact us today to receive individualized maternity services from Viva Eve’s center for obstetrics in Murray Hill, Manhattan.


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