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Obstetrics Middle Village, Queens

What we offer with Obstetrics Middle Village, Queens

Viva Eve obstetrics in Middle Village, Queens is, in short, experienced medical care catered to the needs of you and your baby! 

Our obstetrics team encourages our patients to have an active role during their pregnancies and when preparing for their baby’s arrival.

We offer the following services:

  • Normal obstetric care
  • High-risk obstetric care
  • Obstetric care for twins and multiples
  • VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean section)
  • Genetic screening
  • Prenatal fetal testing
  • In-office laboratory and ultrasound evaluations
  • Umbilical cord blood banking via CryoCell
  • & more!

During your first trimester, your obstetrician will perform a physical exam and use state-of-the-art ultrasound to determine an estimated due date for your pregnancy.

We’ll also go over your family history. Depending on your age and previous pregnancies, we may suggest first-trimester prenatal tests.

In your second trimester, we’ll perform another ultrasound to examine your baby’s anatomy and development.

Our team will suggest additional prenatal tests that may be right for you. The glucose screening test is also conducted during the second trimester to screen for gestational diabetes. Your prenatal visits will become more frequent once you’re in your third trimester.

Additionally, we’ll discuss and finalize your labor and delivery plans and conduct another ultrasound to check on your baby and examine the placenta. Viva Eve’s obstetrics in Middle Village, Queens won’t leave anything to chance!

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Middle Village, Queens

At Viva Eve obstetrics center in Middle Village, Queens, it’s our goal to support our patients with care that’s customized to your and your baby’s needs.

We understand that every pregnancy and delivery is different; our providers will review your medical history and consider your preferences when creating a care plan for your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-natal care.

After you deliver your baby, we’re here to assist with family planning and provide lactation counseling.

Ready to schedule your first obstetric appointment in Middle Village, Queens? Contact us today!

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