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Obstetrics Lenox Hill, Manhattan

What we offer with Obstetrics Lenox Hill, Manhattan

Obstetrics services are crucial to a healthy pregnancy and peace of mind during what is very typically an exciting yet mentally and emotionally chaotic time. It is our job for us to be there for you through every second, from the early days of the first trimester to the time you meet your sweet baby and well after. Postpartum health, physical, mental, and emotional, is of the utmost importance. Here are a few of the services we are happy to offer at Viva Eve’s Lenox Hill, Manhattan obstetrics center. 

  • Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy Care

Whether your pregnancy is moving along normally, or you’re currently high-risk, or have been in the past, Viva Eve is more than prepared to provide you with the care you require.

  • Twins and Multiples

Twins and multiples are very familiar to Viva Eve’s trustworthy, dedicated, and professional staff. A multiples pregnancy can feel overwhelming, we understand, and we’re here to help.

  • VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section)

Viva Eve excels at caring for our VBAC patients. We know the exact level of care required for those choosing to have a safe vaginal birth after a previous c-section.

  • Genetic Screening and Prenatal Fetal Testing

The health of your unborn baby is essential to you, and we assure you, you and your baby are our top priorities. We offer the genetic and prenatal tests that will give you peace of mind, and we have laboratory and ultrasound evaluations in the office.

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Lenox Hill, Manhattan

Why should you trust our Lenox Hill physicians with your prenatal care, labor, and delivery? You want to make the best choice for your body, emotional well-being, and developing baby. We make that choice easy by providing all of the following for our obstetrics patients in Lenox Hill, Manhattan: 

  • Experienced physicians and compassionate nurses 
  • Personalized plans that treat every patient as an individual 
  • Extensive resources and services to cater to all of your obstetric needs
  • Advanced technology to maximize comfort and efficiency 
  • A warm and peaceful office that eases stress and promotes emotional well-being

Viva Eve also offers family and fertility planning plus a full selection of Ob/Gyn services. We make it easy to take care of your health from one convenient office. Our physicians are committed to making prenatal care and healthy labor experiences accessible to all women in Manhattan. 

Contact us today for trustworthy obstetrics in Lenox Hill, Manhattan.

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