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Obstetrics Kew Gardens, Queens

What we offer with our Obstetrics Kew Gardens, Queens

What did you feel when you first discovered your pregnancy? You probably experienced a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from sheer joy to fear, anxiety, and worry.

The compassionate experts at Viva Eve obstetrics in Kew Gardens, Queens understand the wide range of emotions that comes with having a baby. One moment you want to dance down the street. The next, you’re wondering why your baby isn’t moving as much as the day before. One day you’re obsessing over your hospital bag while you’re too stressed at work to even think about it the next.

To manage these ups and downs, you need the dedicated Kew Garden’s obstetrics team at Viva Eve on your side.

In order to create a customized plan for your pregnancy, labor, and delivery, we pull from a versatile list of services. These obstetric services are all available in our Kew Gardens office in Queens.

  •   Normal and high-risk obstetrics
  •   Twins and multiples
  •   Vaginal birth after cesarean section
  •   Genetic screenings
  •   Prenatal fetal testing
  •   Laboratory screenings
  •   Ultrasound evaluations
  •   Umbilical cord blood banking

We take pride in offering comprehensive services for expecting parents in Kew Gardens, Queens, and surrounding areas. If you need specialized care that we can’t provide in-office, we have established relationships with leading maternal and fetal specialists in Queens and New York City.

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Kew Gardens, Queens

You’re not looking for just any obstetrician. Whether you’re on your third baby or your first, you want the best care that you can find in Kew Gardens. You want to know that your medical team is doing everything possible to ensure you and your growing baby are healthy.

You want to know that you’re in good hands right now as well as during labor and delivery. After all, the quality of your prenatal care can have a significant impact on your delivery, and your delivery can have a significant impact on the health of your newborn.

That’s why the professionals at Viva Eve obstetrics Kew Gardens, Queens, take the time to create a personalized care plan for every patient. We take personal information like your age and medical history into account when creating your plan. In addition to diagnostic testing and medical interventions, we will guide you toward healthy lifestyle changes that are specific to the needs of your body and your developing baby.

Are you ready to get your personalized care plan started? Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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