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Obstetrics Fresh Meadows, Queens

What we offer with Obstetrics Fresh Meadows, Queens

Are you expecting a baby in the Fresh Meadows, Queens area? At Viva Eve, we’d love to be part of your pregnancy journey. Our doctors and nurses are eager to help your baby get the best possible start in life. And no matter what your pregnancy concerns, we have the expertise to treat you right-even if your pregnancy is complex.

Consider the Fresh Meadows, Queens obstetrics services available:

  • Normal and high-risk pregnancies

If your pregnancy is high-risk or complex, we have you covered. Our doctors are highly experienced in high-risk pregnancy care and know-how to keep you and your baby safe. Not you? We love expectant moms with normal pregnancies, too.

  • Twins and multiples

Women who are expecting multiple babies at once face special challenges, from the right nutrition to long delivery time. Our providers will advise you on pregnancy health and perform all examinations or tests.

  • Vaginal delivery after C-section (VBAC)

Many women who have delivered by C-section in the past want to attempt a vaginal delivery. At our obstetrics Fresh Meadows, Queens location, you’ll get the treatment you need during pregnancy and a supportive doctor to deliver your baby.

  • Comprehensive testing in office

Our obstetrics staff can perform most testing from our obstetrics Fresh Meadows, Queens location. For instance, we can do all your standard ultrasound, blood, and urine testing. In addition, we can order genetic screening and perform fetal tests such as amniocentesis, if needed.

  • Referrals to specialists

Sometimes a complex pregnancy will require maternal-fetal medicine specialists. We have connections to all the best NYC doctors in this area

  • Labor and Delivery

Finally, we’ll deliver your bundle(s) of joy when the time comes. Our doctors have admission privileges with multiple hospitals, which gives you the flexibility needed to choose the best place for your needs.

Why Viva Eve's Obstetrics Fresh Meadows, Queens

Our doctors have years of experience.

Dr. James Gohar has over 20 years of experience as an OB/GYN, and prides himself in providing the best standard of care, every time. He teaches at Cornell School of Medicine and has hospital privileges at Mount Sinai West and New York Presbyterian hospitals.

Dr. Nithya Gopal is well-known for her female-focused human rights work. In particular, she helps women who are victims of sex trafficking and violence, or who have suffered female genital mutilation gain asylum. As a result, Dr. Gopal is a compassionate doctor who truly cares for her patients and their futures.

Contact us or visit us at our Fresh Meadows, Queens obstetrics center today to learn more about how we can help you today!

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