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Ob/Gyn Elmhurst, Queens

What we offer at our Ob/Gyn Elmhurst, Queens

We at Viva Eve offer the best Ob/Gyn services in Elmhurst, Queens. Women have specific health concerns that should only be addressed by qualified and experienced doctors. Our team offers the expertise and compassion to guide you through the following:

  • STD Testing
    Sexually transmitted diseases can range from slightly alarming to life-threatening. Therefore, getting a test to ensure you are not at risk is always advised. Our professionals at Viva Eve can conduct STD tests and guide you on the next steps.
  • Family Planning
    Plan before starting a family. Our experts at Vive Eve offer family planning and birth control counseling. If you want to learn about family planning and your possible options, visit Viva Eve in Elmhurst, Queens.
  • Pap Smear Test
    The smear test helps medical professionals detect precancerous cells, which can help them start treatment before they cause problems. Our staff is trained to make this an easy and painless process.
  • Labor and Delivery
    We understand that pregnancy can be a difficult time for a woman. So our staff offers personalized maternity care in a supportive environment. Whether your pregnancy is normal or high-risk, we make it as easy and safe as possible.
  • Fetal Genetic Testing
    We offer genetic testing for your fetus to detect any complications such as chromosomal problems. This is made possible with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring accuracy in the results. Get in touch to learn more about your testing options.
  • Laboratory and Ultrasound Evaluations
    Our expert radiologists conduct ultrasound evaluations to detect and diagnose concerns with the uterus and ovaries in pregnancy, pain, and other situations.

Why Viva Eve's Ob/Gyn Elmhurst, Queens

Whether you are going for a routine check-up or a specific reason, we ensure that our Elmhurst Ob/Gyn doctors are there to make you feel comfortable. Our professionals will encourage you to talk about your most personal health issues and guide you accordingly. 

Viva Eve is located in Elmhurst, Queens. We offer a wide range of Ob/Gyn services for our clients, from gynecological care to general obstetrics. In addition, our experts are here to offer medical assistance with diseases specific to women and any reproductive complications they might face. 

Visit Viva Eve or call us at (212) 988-2111 to get the best Elmhurst, Queens Ob/Gyn services today!

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