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Ob/Gyn Turtle Bay, Manhattan

What we offer at our Ob/Gyn Turtle Bay, Manhattan

Viva Eve is excited to offer a full range of Ob/Gyn services for patients in Turtle Bay, Manhattan. We’re proud of our legacy that goes back more than 30 years and our commitment to personalizing obstetrics and gynecology for all women. 

Are you in the process of planning your future family? We can guide you through the most important steps of family planning. Are you actively growing your family? Our obstetric services complement our gynecological services, ensuring complete care for every woman. If you’re transitioning into those exciting post-childbearing years or aren’t ready to even think about conception, our services are here for you as well. 

Our Ob/Gyn Turtle Bay, Manhattan, services include: 

  • Complete Ob/Gyn examinations
  • Pap smears
  • Pelvic exams
  • Family planning

Viva Eve also offers fertility planning, fibroid treatment, fetal genetic testing, and many additional obstetric services. We look out for your overall health and well-being in addition to treating a wide range of women’s health issues.

Why Viva Eve's Ob/Gyn Turtle Bay, Manhattan

At Viva Eve, women’s healthcare is personalized and elevated. It starts with a wide range of services that allow us to meet more medical needs from one convenient Ob/Gyn office in Turtle Bay, Manhattan. Our service continues with a comforting office environment that eases some of the anxiety that often comes with a visit to the Ob/Gyn. 

With a dedicated staff of highly trained doctors and nurses, we take the time to understand your needs and concerns. From answering questions to providing detailed information about tests, procedures, and conditions, we treat you as an individual rather than a number. 

Viva’ Eve’s Turtle Bay Ob/Gyn office is equipped with advanced technology that makes many procedures faster and more comfortable. We minimize wait times while maximizing comfort. Gynecological care is often emotional as well as medical, and we support you every step of the way.

Schedule your next appointment at Viva Eve Ob/Gyn Turtle Bay, Manhattan. We look forward to helping you thrive in every phase of your life. Let’s work together to improve your health.

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