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Ob/Gyn in Rego Park, Queens

What we offer at our Ob/Gyn in Rego Park

For more than three decades, Viva Eve has been providing specialized care for women’s health issues in the community of Rego Park in Queens, NY.  We offer total care for any obstetric or gynecological issues and customized treatments to match your needs and lifestyle with our Ob/Gyn in Rego Park.

Through our service and support, we aim to help women in every step of their health journey. With a team of highly experienced professionals and high-tech medical equipment, we are ready to offer a solution for any problem that may arise in your life.

Here is a closer look at the range of services that we offer.

  • Expert fibroid treatment from a team of fibroid experts that helps you to understand the problem and choose the best solutions.
  • Personalized gynecologic care based on your medical history and planning for the future. These include Ob/Gyn exams and special care for conditions like adenomyosis, hysterectomy, STD, abnormal bleeding, and fibroid bleeding.
  • An experienced obstetrics team for managing normal and high-risk pregnancies, twins and multiples, and VBAC. From the first trimester to post-delivery care, we are there to support you at every step of the journey.
  • Fertility Planning consultations for guiding you and addressing all your concerns when you are planning to conceive.

Why Viva Eve's Ob/Gyn in Rego Park

We have a special team of experienced doctors and nurses who believe in the “patient-first philosophy” and treat women with the warmth, empathy, and comfort that they deserve. Our Ob/Gyn in Rego Park, NY, has state-of-the-art facilities like ultrasounds and lab tests to help us make patient care a priority at every step.

Our approach is defined by our goal of empowering every patient through the best medical practices and accurate evaluation. We understand that every woman is different, and hence our treatment plans are not standardized but humanized through in-person care. Our specialists listen to you and engage in a conversation to help you discover the facts.

At Viva Eve, we preserve a warm and welcoming environment and a serene surrounding that helps to put our patient’s priorities at the forefront. If you want to experience the very best Ob/Gyn in Rego Park, get in touch with us today.

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