holiday gifts

During this season of giving, think about the women in your life. Are any of them coping with chronic pain? By age 50, 70-80 percent of women develop fibroids, a condition that’s treatable but painful to deal with. The side effects of fibroids include severe menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, an irregular menstrual cycle, pelvic pressure, a bloated abdomen, lower back pain and pain in the back of the legs.

If you have a loved one who suffers from fibroids, consider these gift ideas:

1. Build a care package

Stock a box or basket with essentials for coping with aches and body pain, such as over-the-counter pain medications, a heating pad, body pillows, and comfy loungewear. This will help your loved ones manage their PMS symptoms more effectively while reminding them that they’re not alone. Most of the products in this package can easily be assembled with a quick trip to your local drugstore. For everything else, Amazon is just a click away.

2. Provide a therapeutic spa experience

A therapeutic spa experience can be immensely comforting to anyone needing to relieve muscle tension, pain and stress. According to one study, aromatic oil massage provided relief to patients with primary dysmenorrhea and reduced the duration of menstrual pain. In another study, massage therapy was found to be as effective at reducing menstrual pain as Ibuprofen. When in doubt, a spa certificate is the perfect way to share the gift of massage therapy.

3. Gift a tea set for menstrual cramping relief

Many cultures ascribe to a tea-centric lifestyle as a natural way of boosting their overall health. Herbal teas pack anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and other natural pain relievers that can ease menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms. Evidence suggests that chamomile tea increases the body’s intake of glycine, which acts as a nerve relaxant. Do your research and consider visiting specialty shops, like Teavana, to find the perfect set of wellness teas for that special someone on your list.

4. Turn up the heat

Heating pads and hot water bottles are commonly used to help relax the contracting muscles of the uterus and are also beneficial for alleviating joint pain, aches, and arthritis. Buying a microwaveable heating pad or a pack of over-the-counter heating patches can be a great stocking stuffer and a valuable tool in a woman’s arsenal during episodes of discomfort and pain.

5. Invest in cool tech

With so much interest in remedying period pain, many companies have come forward with products specifically designed to relieve menstrual cramping. For instance, Livia - The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain is an electrical nerve stimulation device that uses "gate theory" to distract the brain from pain, essentially because vibration is a faster signal than pain. Additionally, therapy electric warming belts are another innovation marketed as a pain reliever. Some people claim that these products relieved their cramps: we haven’t tested them.

6. Show them your support

Living with fibroids isn’t easy. As a concerned love one, it’s important to support them in their journey and nurture their sensitivities. Help them find solidarity and broaden the discussion about fibroids through looking up support groups, providing insightful books, and helping them find an outlet to express their struggles, such as through journaling. Consider gifting them goodies for a cozy night spent alone or with their girlfriends by stuffing their stocking with lip balm, sleeping masks, fuzzy socks, and other decadent items.

7. Personalize their courage

You know that your loved one is going through a significant health setback. With everything that’s going on, what better time to remind them of their resiliency than the holidays? Personalized jewelry is a great option to do this. Brands such as MantraBand allow shoppers to personalize products with words or phrases such as “Strength, hope, courage,” “Brave,” “Trust the journey,” etc. There’s no better way to encourage and uplift someone than by highlighting their resilient attributes.

8. Tell them about VIVA EVE

VIVA EVE is a clinic located in New York City that specializes in fibroids. They help patients find their own individualized treatment path and aren’t a one-size-fits-all practice. They focus on providing women with all their treatment options, including the minimally invasive treatment option, UFE. They’re known as The Fibroid Experts and make it their mission to help patients overcome fibroids and regain control of their health.

We hope this holiday gift guide gave you some great ideas! Delivering a present with the right balance of sentiment and thoughtfulness can light up your loved one’s holiday, but when it considers their health too, that’s even more special. Help is closer than a fibroid sufferer may think in New York City - and it all starts by making a consultation.