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Fertility Planning Fresh Meadows, Queens

What we offer with our Fertility Planning Fresh Meadows, Queens

At Viva Eve, we believe that fertility planning in Fresh Meadows, Queens is a long-term exercise. While most very young women don’t want to have children yet, they need to be aware of the things that can affect fertility later on in life, when they are ready. In addition, some birth control methods last a long time and need to be planned for carefully.

Of course, birth control isn’t the only consideration for fertility planning in Fresh Meadows, Queens. For instance, many people carry genetic disorders, even if they don’t suffer from them. In that case, your Viva Eve doctor can recommend genetic testing and counseling to understand the risks. From there, we can set out a plan to address the problems as they occur.

Ready to get pregnant? Our doctors can help you plan ahead for successful conception and a healthy pregnancy. For instance, proper nutrition and paying attention to your menstrual cycle can help ensure that you have greater chances of success. We can meet with you and your partner to answer any questions you may have.

Having trouble conceiving? We’ll do a battery of tests to try and find health issues that can be causing your infertility issues. For instance, you might have a gynecological condition that results in reduced fertility or an STD. In many situations, when the medical issue is properly addressed your fertility will rise at the same time. And even if it doesn’t, you’ll be healthier anyway.

Finally, sometimes fertility planning in Fresh Meadows, Queens does require special infertility treatment. If assisted reproduction is right for you, we’ll make a referral to some of the top doctors in NYC. They’ll help you conceive, and send you back to us for the rest of your pregnancy care.

Why Viva Eve's Fertility Planning Fresh Meadows, Queens

For many people, fertility is something pushed to the back of their minds until they’re ready to have children. To that end, they’ll visit their Ob/Gyn for contraceptives and come off of them when ready to get pregnant. However, for many women this approach is insufficient. Viva Eve’s team of experts will help you come up with the proactive solution that is best for you. We will address each and every one of your needs with the utmost care. 

Contact out Fresh Meadows, Queens fertility planning center today to see how our team of experts can help you!

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