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Fertility Planning Elmhurst, Queens

What we offer with our Fertility Planning Elmhurst, Queens

Our doctors invite your partner to attend your Elmhurst, Queens fertility planning appointment.

We’ll begin by discussing your medical history (and your partner’s) to determine if there are any health concerns that may make it difficult for you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Depending on your preferences, we can conduct genetic carrier screening to figure out if you and your partner are likely to pass certain genetic diseases to your children. Remember, you don’t have to have a condition to be a carrier.

Our team will discuss lifestyle changes that you can make to prepare your body for conception and pregnancy. Some changes we might suggest include:

  •   Adding supplements or vitamins
  •   Discontinuing the use of tobacco or recreational drugs
  •   Monitoring and potentially reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption

If you have a condition that may make it difficult to conceive, like irregular menstrual cycles or PCOS, we’ll make sure that these conditions are properly managed before you try to get pregnant.

If a potential pregnancy is in your future, a fertility planning session gives you the info you need to prepare your body for pregnancy. Taking steps to improve your health increases your chances of having a successful pregnancy.

During your fertility planning session, we’ll discuss your medical history and address any concerns you have so that we can create a plan for your future pregnancy.

Even if you don’t want to try to get pregnant right away, we can discuss lifestyle changes you can make to start preparing your body for pregnancy.

If you’re currently taking birth control or using long-term birth control methods, we’ll help you decide when to stop taking your pills or when to have your birth control device removed.

Or, if you’re concerned about your future fertility, we’ll explore alternatives to assist you with conceiving in the future, like freezing your eggs.

Why Viva Eve's Fertility Planning Elmhurst, Queens

Our Elmhurst, Queens fertility planning is personalized reproductive healthcare and fertility planning services at its finest!

Our patients appreciate the customized care that they receive from our doctors during their fertility journey. If you’re ready to schedule your Elmhurst, Queens fertility planning session, contact us today to get started!

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