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Fertility Planning Corona, Queens

What we offer with our Fertility Planning Corona, Queens

The way you look at and feel about your fertility is crucial to having a healthy relationship with your body, choices, and partner. Viva Eve fertility planning specialists in Corona, Queens understand that every fertility journey is different.

  • Pregnancy Prevention

Many couples are waiting to have children until later in life, and the specialists at Viva Eve can help you find suitable birth control methods for you. Also, if freezing your eggs is something you’re interested in, we’d love for you to open that discussion with us.

  • Pregnancy Planning

There are many stages of pregnancy planning, and at your consultation with Viva Eve, we can deeply discuss each of them. We’ll start with making a general timeline of when you’d like to get pregnant, discontinuing your birth control method, and possible genetic screening and testing.

Our Corona, Queens fertility planning facility will recommend that you begin to make lifestyle changes long before you plan to conceive. We’ll talk about these changes in your initial consultation, along with diet and medical history.

While fertility plans, like birth plans, don’t always pan out exactly the way we’d like, having a strategy in place paves the way for a happy, healthy mom and baby. If you have difficulty conceiving, let us be your advocate, and we can go through it together.

Why Viva Eve's Fertility Planning Corona, Queens

We are happy to concentrate on every aspect of fertility, curating a wide range of services that align with your personal and medical circumstances. Whether you’re planning a pregnancy or trying to prevent one, we can help.

It should go without saying that access to reproductive health is essential, and personalized care should be the main focus. Viva Eve makes it a point to be there for our patients every step of the way, from birth control prescriptions to postpartum physical, emotional, and mental healthcare.

Fertility planning is one of the most significant responsibilities you’ll ever face. Viva Eve is here to help you tackle that responsibility confidently, from pregnancy prevention to conceiving. Contact us today at our Corona, Queens fertility planning center to get started. Our team is waiting to speak with you!

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