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Your Diet Can Alleviate Period Discomfort. Here’s How

A woman’s period is known for bringing discomfort. Whether it be bloating, irritability, fatigue, or brain fog, 80 percent of women experience symptoms during their monthly cycle. Naturally, many of these symptoms are caused by the hormone changes occurring in…

A natural remedy for menstrual pain that is proven to work: Omega 3s

Period Pain? One Study Discovered A Natural Solution That Works.

Period pain is a common visitor during women’s monthly menstrual cycles. Cramping in particular can leave some women bed ridden and others struggling to get through the day. If you are facing menstrual cramping, pain meds might feel like the…

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Snacking For Health: Tips and Snacks to Prevent Fibroids

Snacking isn’t usually considered a healthy practice, thanks to the number of high-fat, high-sugar foods typically consumed between meals. But one study indicates that the right kind of snacking can not only prevent obesity but also prevent the onset of…