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Use It or Lose It! 14 Things You Never Knew Were an Eligible Flexible Benefit Spending Expense

This crazy year of 2020 is slowly but surely drawing to a close. That means that approximately 35 million Americans who open Flexible Spending Accounts (commonly referred to as FSAs) have just a few months left to spend the money…

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July is Fibroids Awareness Month – Here’s What You Need to Know

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What’s the Difference Between Fibroids and Adenomyosis?

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Proven Natural Fibroid Remedies You Can Try That Won’t Break the Bank

In today’s digital age, the first destination many people make when looking into their health is their smartphone or computer. With so many channels of information to choose from, it’s tempting to follow a trail of hashtags or search terms…

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How to Have “That” Conversation With Your Significant Other About Fibroids

Dating and maintaining a happy, fulfilling relationship is a challenge for anyone – but it’s especially wrought with anxiety when you deal with fibroids. So when is the “right” time to bring up your fibroids, and how can you have…

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Can Yoni Steaming Cure Fibroids? Here’s What You Really Need to Know

What is vaginal steaming? Vaginal steaming is a centuries-old therapeutic practice that dates back to ancient Mayan and Central American culture. Used as a natural, holistic remedy for treating a wide variety of uterine struggles, the process entails sitting over…

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20 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

This year, take a break from the lofty, unreasonable, and unachievable New Year’s Resolutions of years past. Start by focusing on one small intentional habit, and commit to practicing it all year long. Here are 20 mini health resolutions to…

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Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas for Fibroid Sufferers

During this season of giving, think about the women in your life. Are any of them coping with chronic pain? By age 50, 70-80 percent of women develop fibroids, a condition that’s treatable but painful to deal with. The side…

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Is Your Doctor Listening to You? 

Two things you’ll never experience during a visit to VIVA EVE is not being heard or listened to. Our patients’ concerns are what drive the conversation behind their treatment, and these methods allow our team to gather insight and help…

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Have Acid Reflux and Fibroids? The Two May Be Connected

Acid reflux may be caused by large uterine fibroids. Acid reflux and fibroids There are many things that may cause the discomfort of acid reflux. But if you have fibroids, you should be aware of the reflux connection. Acid is produced…