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Bradley A. Sinclair, Jr.

VP of Operations

About Me

Bradley guides patient-facing teams and keeps operational practices efficient and scalable, with over 10 years of experience in operations and healthcare.


As the VP of Operations, Bradley oversees the operations of our medical practice as well as supports Viva Eve’s continued growth and expansion in the NY metropolitan area. As a key leadership member, he leads the Operations department in maintaining an outstanding patient experience, developing a culture of continuous improvement, and facilitating successful future growth. His team encompasses Practice Operations, Inventory, Project Management and Business Process Improvement. He works with physicians, administrative and clinical managers, and staff to ensure the achievement of practice-wide operational goals through effective strategy.


Bradley has extensive expertise in leadership and problem solving for healthcare companies. Previously he managed a wide range of projects across diverse health settings, ranging from large-scale health organizations such as Affiliated Physicians, to private equity and healthcare startups.

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